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2/4 of 36 = _.


Video Transcript

Two-quarters of 36 equals what.

In this problem, we’re being asked to find part of a number, a fraction of a number. And that fraction is two-quarters. What’s two-quarters of 36 worth? We can find the answer by first finding one-quarter of 36 and then doubling it. Remember that when we find one-quarter of a shape or a number, what we have to do is divide that shape or number into four equal parts.

So to find one-quarter of 36, we need to divide 36 into four. How many fours are there in 36? Let’s arrange 36 counters to show what the number 36 looks like. Here are 36 counters. There’re nine rows and there’re four in each row. So we can say that nine lots of four or nine multiplied by four equals 36. And so if we divide 36 into four equal parts to help us find a quarter, we’ll find that each part or each quarter is worth nine. There are nine fours in 36. One-quarter of 36 equals nine.

But the question isn’t asking us to find one-quarter of 36. Instead, we need to find two-quarters of 36. If one-quarter of 36 is nine, then two-quarters of 36 will be worth nine plus nine, two lots of nine. Nine doubled equals 18. And so we can say two-quarters of 36 equals 18.

There is another way we could find the answer. And that’s by using our knowledge of fractions to help. We know that two-quarters is exactly the same as a half. What if we found half of 36 instead. To do this, we can partition 36 into 30 and six. Half of 30 is 15. And half of six is three. Now, all we need to do is to add 15 and three together to find half of 36. 15 plus three equals 18.

We found the answer in two different ways. The first way, we found two-quarters of 36. First, we found one-quarter. And then, we doubled it to find the value of two-quarters. In our second method, we recognised that two-quarters was actually the same as a half. So we could just find half of 36. Whether we look for two-quarters or one-half, we still get the same answer.

Two-quarters of 36 equals 18.

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