Video: Recalling Neutrino Charge

What is the relative charge of a neutrino?


Video Transcript

What is the relative charge of a neutrino?

To answer this question, we want to know a bit about what a neutrino is. A neutrino is an elementary particle that has two outstanding characteristics. Number one, a neutrino is known to have very small mass, so small in fact that, for a while, it was postulated that a neutrino is massless. The second standout quality and especially relevant for our question is that a neutrino has zero electric charge.

We can even see evidence of this in the name neutrino which indicates that it’s an electrically neutral object. This fact makes it easy to answer the question: what is the relative charge of a neutrino, that is, the relative charge of a chargeless object? The relative charge of an object that has zero electric charge is zero.

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