Video: Using Ten Frames to Compare Sets Beyond 10

Pick the symbol to compare these sets of ten frames. [A] < [B] > [C] =


Video Transcript

Pick the symbol to compare these sets of ten frames. Is it less than, greater than, or equal to?

We’re shown two different models. We have to work out which number each model represents. And then we need to compare the numbers. How many tens does the first model have? Both of these ten frames are full. They both contain 10 counters. So there are two tens in our first number. And how many ones can you see left over? There are two. Two tens and two ones gives us the number 22.

Now, let’s look at our second number. There are three ten frames, and they are all full of counters. And there are no ones left over. Our second number is 30. Three tens are 30. 22 is less than 30. The number 22 has two tens, and the number 30 has three. And we know that two is less than three. The correct symbol to compare these two numbers is “less than” because 22 is less than 30.

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