Video: Completing Tables of Linear Functions given the Rule

Complete the given function table.


Video Transcript

Complete the given function table.

In this table, we have an input of 𝑥 and an output of three 𝑥. Our input values here are two, seven, and four. We need to determine what the output would be if we input each of these values.

We can think of this table like a little machine. You enter something, your input, into the machine, and what the machine produces, the output, is something different. If we wanna know how to get the output value from the input value, we need to know the rule; we need to know what’s happening on the inside of the machine.

Our rule is given as three 𝑥; the output is three times whatever the input value is. If we input two and our rule is that we multiply three times whatever we input, the output value would be six. Our input was two, the rule is to multiply by three, and our output is six.

We need to follow the same process for seven and four. Seven times three is 21. Four times three is 12. If we input seven, the output will be 21. If we input four, the output is 12. Our function table is complete with the values six, 21, and 12.

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