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Express the temperature 3270°F in Kelvin.


Video Transcript

Express the temperature 3270 degrees Fahrenheit in Kelvin.

Okay, so the way to go about doing this is to convert the temperature which we’ve been given in Fahrenheit first into degrees Celsius and then finally into Kelvin. So in this case of course, 𝑇 Stands for temperature and 𝐹 stands for Fahrenheit; 𝐶 stands for Celsius and 𝐾 for Kelvin.

Let’s now recall the conversion formula between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature in Celsius is given by five-ninths multiplied by the temperature in Fahrenheit minus 32. Now in this case, we know that 𝑇 sub 𝐹, our temperature in Fahrenheit, is 3270 degrees Fahrenheit.

So we find that 𝑇 sub 𝐶, the temperature in degrees Celsius, is equal to five-ninths multiplied by the temperature in Fahrenheit, 3270, minus 32. And when we evaluate this, we find that the temperature in degree Celsius is 1798.888 recurring degrees Celsius.

At this point, we can then convert it into Kelvin. To do this, we recall that Kelvin temperature is given by the Celsius temperature plus 273. So we can say that the temperature in Kelvin is equal to the Celsius temperature, which is 1798.88, and we have to add 273 to it.

This gives us an answer of 2071.88 recurring Kelvin. To the nearest Kelvin, this is 2072. And so, our final answer is that 3270 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 2072 Kelvin.

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