Question Video: Converting Gallons to Pints Mathematics • 6th Grade

How many pints are there in 37 gallons?


Video Transcript

How many pints are there in 37 gallons?

First, we should probably ask the question, “How many pints are in one gallon?” I always remember this by drawing a picture. Here’s our gallon. Inside our gallon, there are four quarts. Inside each quart is two pints. And inside each pint is two cups.

But for this question, we’re only interested in how many pints are in one gallon. There are eight pints in every gallon. So one gallon equals eight pints. If there are eight pints per gallon and we have 37 gallons, we need to use multiplication. We need to multiply eight pints per gallon times the number of gallons we have, 37.

We set up a multiplication problem, 37 times eight. Start all the way on the right. Multiply eight times seven, which is 56. We write down our six and carry our five. Moving on to the tens place, we say eight times three equals 24, plus five equals 29. We bring down our 29. 37 times eight equals 296. This means that there are 296 pints in 37 gallons.

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