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Question Video: Multiplying a Multidigit Number by a Two-Digit Number

Calculate 8268 × 45.


Video Transcript

Calculate 8268 times 45.

We’re going to multiply a multidigit number by a two-digit number. We can set the problem up like this, 8268 on top of 45. Make sure that you line the digits up carefully.

From here, we start on the right. And we multiply five times eight. Eight times five is 40. We put a zero on the bottom. And then we carry our four to the top. Next we multiply five times six. Five times six is 30. We need to add this four to that 30. That means we’ll have 34. We place the four on the bottom. And we carry our three. We’re finished with the four we carried. So we can cross that out.

And now we multiply five times two equals 10. But we can’t forget the three. 10 plus three is 13. We write three on the bottom and carry our one. We’re finished with the three. So we can cross that out and multiply five times eight again. Five times eight is 40 plus one equals 41, which we can write down. And we’re finished with the one that we carried.

We’re now moving to our tens place and using the four to multiply. Four times eight equals 32. Before we write down our 32, we need to remember that we add a placeholder where that pink square is. When we’re working with multiplying from the tens place, we need to put a zero in the ones place. So our eight times four, 32, the two will go in the tens place. And we’ll carry our three.

We can move on to four times six. Four times six is 24 plus three is 27. So we add a seven at the bottom and carry our two. We’re finished with our three. We can cross that out. Now we multiply four times two, which is eight plus two more, nine, 10. Eight plus two is 10. We write down our zero and carry our one. We’re finished with our carried two. We can cross that one out.

And finally, we’ll multiply four times eight, just 32, plus the one we carried over, 33. And we write that down. That completes our multiplication stage. We now need to add these two values. Starting all the way on the right, zero plus zero is zero. Four plus two is six. Three plus seven is 10, carry our one. One plus one plus zero is 2. Four plus three is seven. And three plus zero is three. Our calculation gives us a final answer of 372060.

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