Video: Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial

Bethani Gasparine

Find the quotient of (23𝑥⁵𝑦³ + 49𝑥⁴𝑦³ + 41𝑥³𝑦³)/−𝑥𝑦.


Video Transcript

Find the quotient 23𝑥 to the fifth 𝑦 cubed plus 49𝑥 to the fourth 𝑦 cubed plus 41𝑥 cubed 𝑦 cubed all divided by negative 𝑥𝑦.

First, we can separate them into three different fractions. And now, we can take all of these negative signs and move them upfront. And now, when dividing variables with exponents, we subtract our exponents. So as we can see, we’re subtracting the exponents resulting in negative 23𝑥 to the fourth 𝑦 squared minus 49𝑥 cubed 𝑦 squared minus 41𝑥 squared 𝑦 squared.

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