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Video: Finding the Slope of a Line Given That It Passes through Two Given Points

Kathryn Kingham

What is the slope of the line passing through (2, 14) and (3, 22)?


Video Transcript

What is the slope of the line passing through point two, fourteen and point three, twenty-two.

To solve this problem, we’ll need the slope formula. The slope formula being the change in 𝑦 over the change in π‘₯. Another way to write it, 𝑦 two minus 𝑦 one over π‘₯ two minus π‘₯ one. So let’s use this formula and find the slope.

We’re given these two points, and we wanna label them as π‘₯ one, 𝑦 one; π‘₯ two, 𝑦 two. Now we wanna plug in our values into the formula.

We’ll substitute the value twenty-two for 𝑦 two, fourteen for 𝑦 one, three for π‘₯ two, and two for π‘₯ one.

Now I need to subtract. Twenty-two minus fourteen equals eight. Three minus two equals one.

The slope of the line that passes through two, fourteen and three, twenty-two equals eight.