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Video: Expanding Algebraic Expressions

Kathryn Kingham

Expand −4(2𝑥 − 1).


Video Transcript

Expand negative four times two 𝑥 minus one.

To expand this expression, we’ll need to distribute the negative four to both the two 𝑥 and the one. We’ll start by multiplying negative four times two 𝑥, then I’ll bring down my subtraction problem. I won’t do anything there except bring it down into the next line, then I’ll multiply negative four times one.

Now see if we can do any simplification. Can we multiply negative four times two 𝑥? We can. That would be eight 𝑥 [negative eight 𝑥]. We can multiply negative four times one, which equals negative four. And again, we’ll bring down that subtraction. I’ll simplify these signs: negative eight 𝑥 plus four would be the expanded form of this expression.