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Question Video: Writing a Percent as a Decimal Mathematics

Express 574% as a decimal.


Video Transcript

Express 574 percent as a decimal.

Our starting place here is 574 percent. We wanna know what that is as a decimal. But instead of jumping straight to a decimal, I’m going to write it first as a fraction, and then we’ll take that fraction and turn it into a decimal.

So here we go, 574 percent as a fraction. Remember that a percent is a ratio expressed as a fraction of 100 which means 574 percent equals 574 over 100. Now that we know our fraction, we’ll take this fraction and we’ll use it to help us find the decimal.

We can do that by dividing 574 by 100. 100 goes into 574 five times. Five times 100 equals 500. We have a remainder of 74. So I’m going to add a decimal and a zero, and then I’ll bring down that zero.

Now we ask how many times does 100 go into 740. The answer equals seven times. But we can’t forget to bring up the decimal that we’ve added. Seven times 100 equals 700. After we subtract, we have a remainder of 40. We’ll bring down one more zero. How many times does 100 go into 400? The answer is four times. 400 minus 400 equals zero. And that means we’re finished with our long division step.

574 percent written as a decimal is 5.74, five and 74 hundredths.

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