Video: Completing Tables of Linear Functions given the Rule

Kathryn Kingham

Complete the given function table.


Video Transcript

Complete the given function table.

In this table, we have an input of 𝑥 and an output of two plus 𝑥. Our input values are nine, five, and 16, and we need to determine what the output values that connect to each input value are.

We can think of this table like a little machine, that you input certain things and the output is something else, but if we want to know how to get the output from the input, we need to know the rule. In our case, the output value is two plus 𝑥, two plus the input value. Our rule is two plus 𝑥.

We start with our input values 𝑥. We can start with our first input value of nine. We use our rule, two plus the input value. Here we would say two plus nine, and the output value becomes 11; two plus nine is 11.

Now we reverse and start the process again for our next input value of five. We plug in five for our rule, two plus five, and the output is seven; two plus five is seven. We can plug seven into our output table.

We wanna calculate our rule one final time with an input value of 16. Two plus 16 equals 18. We add 18 to the output row on our table, and we’ve completed the function table.

If we input nine, the output is 11; if we input five, the output is seven; if we enter 16, the output is 18, so our results were 11, 7, 18.

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