Video: Simplifying Expressions Using the Commutative and Associative Properties of Addition

Rhodri Jones

Simplify 3𝑥 − 5𝑥 + 5𝑥 + 8.


Video Transcript

Simplify three 𝑥 minus five 𝑥 plus five 𝑥 plus eight.

In order to simplify this expression, we need to group the like terms. In this case, we can group three 𝑥 negative five 𝑥 and positive five 𝑥. As the positive five 𝑥 and negative five 𝑥 equal zero, we are just left with three 𝑥.

Positive eight is the only other term in the expression. So we need to add this to the end of our answer. This means that the simplified version of three 𝑥 minus five 𝑥 plus five 𝑥 plus eight is equal to three 𝑥 plus eight.

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