Question Video: Understanding Place Value When Subtracting Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Complete the table below.


Video Transcript

Complete the table below.

We can start by looking at the first line. We’re given a number 581. And then we move to the right one box and we see that we now have 580. The second box has followed the instructions to take the number 581 and subtract one. Moving over another box, we see that the instructions were to take the number and subtract 10: 581 minus 10 equals 571. The last box tells us that we need to take the number and subtract 100: 581 minus 100 equals 481.

It’s our job to follow the same procedure with the number 425: 425 minus one equals 424. We’ve taken a one away from the ones place: five minus one equals four. And we haven’t changed the place value of the hundreds or the tenth: 425 minus one equals 424. The next box represents 425 minus 10. The number 425 has a two in the tens place. And we want to take one 10 away from that: 425 minus 10 equals 415. We’ve taken a one, one 10, away from the two tens for an answer of 415. Our final box wants to know where 425 minus 100 would be. If we have four hundreds and we take away one of those hundreds, we’ll be left with 300. 425 take away 100 equals 325.

Our boxes can be filled in with the numbers 424, 415, and 325.

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