Video: Adding Two-Digit Numbers by Breaking Both into Tens and Ones

Break apart the numbers into tens and ones to add.


Video Transcript

Break apart the numbers into tens and ones to add. 59 plus 23 equals what?

The number 59 has already been broken apart into 50 and nine. 59 has five tens worth 50 and nine ones. The number 23 has two tens. Two tens are worth 20. And the three digit is worth three ones. Let’s start by adding the ones. We have nine ones and three ones. Nine and three more is 10, 11, 12. Nine and three equals 12.

Now, we can add the tens. 50 plus 20 or five tens plus two tens makes seven tens which is worth 70. Now, we just need to add together the total amount of tens and the total amount of ones to give us or answer. What is 12 plus 70? Altogether we have two ones. And we have eight tens. 12 and 70 is 82. 59 plus 23 is 82. First, we added the ones. Then we added the tens. And then we added both these amounts together to give us our answer, 82.

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