Video: Writing a Fraction as a Percent

Express 43/50 as a percentage.


Video Transcript

Express forty-three fiftieths as a percentage.

Before we answer the question, let’s take a minute and remember what a percentage is. A percentage is a ratio expressed as a fraction of one hundred.

We’re given forty-three over fifty, and what we need to do is turn this into a ratio or a fraction out of one hundred. So how do we take forty-three fiftieths and turn it into a fraction out of one hundred?

Let’s start by asking the question: How do we get from fifty to one hundred? What could we multiply fifty by to equal one hundred? Two. We multiply fifty by two to equal one hundred.

When working with fractions though, if we multiply the denominator by something, we must also multiply the numerator. In this case, we’ll have to multiply forty-three by two as well. Forty-three times two equals eighty-six; fifty times two equals one hundred.

Now we have eighty-six hundredths, but we still haven’t written this in a percent form. Forty-three fiftieths equals eighty-six percent.

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