Question Video: Adding One-Digit Numbers by Counting on a Number Line Mathematics • 1st Grade

Count on to find 5 + 4.


Video Transcript

Count on to find five plus four.

In this question, we need to find the total of five and four. Can you see the add symbol in between five and four in the question? This means five plus four. We need to add together the two numbers, and the question also tells us how to do this. We need to count on to find five plus four. What does counting on mean? Well, it means we need to start at the first number in our addition, which is five. And it means we need to find another four. In other words, we need to say the next four numbers that come after five. And if we look at the picture of the number line, we can see this. The starting number, which is five, has been labeled. And can you see the four jumps are as shown? One, two, three, four.

So let’s use our number line to help us add together five and four. So we’ll say five and then six, seven, eight, nine. We’ve found the answer to five plus four by starting at five and counting on another four. The last number we said was nine, and that’s how we know that five plus four is nine.

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