Video: KS1-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 14

1/2 of 14 = _


Video Transcript

Half of 14 equals what?

When we find half of a shape or a number, it’s the same as dividing it or splitting it into two equal parts. And so, if we want to find half of the number 14, we need to divide that or split it into two equal groups. Here are 14 counters. To find one-half, we need to divide them into two equal groups: one group, two groups. Each group contains seven counters. We know that seven add seven make 14.

Another way we could find half of 14 is to think about a number line. If our number line starts at nought and ends at 14, we can try to find the middle point. Which number is halfway in between nought and 14? One way to find the middle number is to put a counter on both of the end numbers and then to move both counters inwards towards the middle. The aim of this is to find the number that’s exactly the same distance away from zero and 14. It’s a way of finding the middle point, the halfway point. The number that’s halfway between zero and 14 is seven.

Half of 14 equals seven.

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