Question Video: Adding Three Numbers by First Making Ten Mathematics • 1st Grade

Hannah started putting counters into ten frames to help her add. 8 + 7 +2. What is the total?


Video Transcript

Hannah started putting counters into 10 frames to help her add. Eight plus seven plus two. What is the total?

We can see that Hannah has already put eight counters into a 10 frame. There are two empty spaces in this 10 frame. So we could add the two green counters. Now, we just need to add the seven blue counters to the other 10 frame.

Now, all we need to do is count how many counters Hannah has altogether in her 10 frames. The first 10 frame is full, which means it has 10 counters. And the second 10 frame has seven blue counters.

So we need to add together 10 plus seven. So the answer is 17.

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