Video: Converting Areas from Square Centimeters to Square Meters

460,000 cm² = _ m²


Video Transcript

460000 square centimetres equals what square metres.

Let’s start by reminding ourselves of the length conversion that one metre is equal to 100 centimetres. If we took a square of one metre by one metre, the area can be found by multiplying the length by the width to give us one times one, which is one square metre. An equivalent square of 100 centimetres by 100 centimetres will give us an area of 10000 square centimetres. We can think of this if we wanted to change from metres to centimetres, we multiply it by 100. And we can use the rule that, to convert an area, we square the length conversion.

Here, that means if we want to convert between square metres and square centimetres, we would multiply by 100 squared, which is 10000. And to change from square centimetres to square metres, we divide by 100 squared. So now, we can say that one square metre is equal to 10000 square centimetres. So to change 460000 square centimetres into square metres, we take our value of 460000. And we divide by 100 squared. This is the same as 460000 divided by 10000, which is 46 square metres. So the missing answer in the question is 46.

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