Video: KS2-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 28

234,897 _ 45,996 = _.


Video Transcript

234897 subtract 45996 equals what?

45996 is very close to 46000. By adding four to this number, we can round it to 46000. If we add four to 234897, the difference between these numbers will remain the same. 897 plus four is 901. So 234897 plus four is 234901. So now, we need to calculate 234901 subtract 46000. The first number has 234 thousands and the second number has 46 thousands. 234 take away 46 is 188. So 234901 subtract 46000 equals 188901.

We could also use column subtraction to help calculate the answer. Starting in the ones column, seven ones take away six ones is one. Nine tens subtract nine tens leaves us with no tens. In the hundreds column, we need to subtract nine hundreds from eight hundreds. We don’t have enough hundreds on top because eight is less than nine. So we can take a thousand from the four thousand and add these 10 hundreds to the hundreds column. 1000 is the same as 10 hundreds.

Now, we can calculate 18 take away nine which is nine. In the thousands column, we have three thousands and we need to subtract five. We don’t have enough. So we can take one from the ten thousands column. And now, we have 13 thousands in the thousands column. We just need to take away five. 13 take away five is eight.

In the ten thousands column, we’ve got two and we need to subtract four. So we can take one from the two in the hundred thousands column. Now, we have 12 ten thousands and we need to take away four. 12 take away four is eight. Now, we just need to subtract in the hundred thousands column. There’s nothing to subtract. So we’re left with one.

234897 subtract 45996 equals 188901.

In our first method, we rounded 45996 to the nearest thousands by adding four. And we did the same to the other number. Then, we calculated 234901 subtract 46000. We also used column subtraction. Both methods gave us the same answer 188901.

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