Video: Converting Decimals to Fractions

Convert 0.4 to a fraction.


Video Transcript

Convert four-tenths to a fraction.

We’ll start by writing down our four-tenths. And then I turn four-tenths into a fraction over one. I write four-tenths over one. From here, we’re going to try to turn this four-tenths into a whole number, which means we need to think of something we can multiply the numerator and the denominator by. I’m going to choose ten; we’ll multiply the numerator and the denominator by ten. Four-tenths times ten equals four and one times ten equals ten.

One way to write four-tenths as a fraction is four over ten. However, most of the time when we’re working with fractions, we want to simplify our fractions and we want to give them in the lowest terms, and four-tenths is not the simplest form of this fraction. In order to find the simplest form of this fraction, I’m going to divide the numerator by two and the denominator by two. Both four and ten are divisible by two; they’re both even numbers. Four-tenths is equal to two-fifths.

Now we asked the question, is two-fifths the simplest form of our fraction? There’s nothing we can divide two and five by, which means this is indeed the simplest form of four-tenths. Four-tenths equals two-fifths.

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