Video: Converting Volume Units

1 L of water was poured equally into 8 cups. Find the volume of water in each cup.


Video Transcript

One litre of water was poured equally into eight cups. Find the volume of water in each cup.

So if we have one litre of water, so if we would take that amount of water and pour it equally into eight cups, assuming all of the cups are the same amount. And the question is how much water is in each cup now.

So if we were to leave the volume in litres, we will need to take one litre and divide it into eight equal parts. So one litre divided by eight would be equal to 0.125 litres. So each cup would hold 0.125 litres.

However, what if we didn’t want the volume to be in litres? What if we wanted to convert it to cups, one US liquid cup? Well, the conversion that we know is that one litre is equal to 4.22675 US cups. So we would now need to take that amount and divide by eight. And after dividing by eight, we get 0.52834375 cups. So depending on which unit we wanted to use, each cup would either have 0.125 litres or each cup would have 0.52834375 cups, just about half of a cup.

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