Video: Understanding Place Value in Decimal Numbers

Complete the following as in the example 0.100 = 0.1 = 0.10 : 0.800 = _ = _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following as in the example: 0.100 equals 0.1 equals 0.10. In the same way, 0.800 is equal to blank and blank.

In the example, we’re given a value represented to the thousandths place. We need to work with 0.800. The next number is an equivalent value given to the tenths place. We need to determine what 0.800 would be if we represented it as a tenth.

To represent 0.800 as a tenth, we take away the zeros from the end. 0.8 is eight tenths. The third number is an equivalent value given in the hundredths place. How do we show 0.800 and 0.8 as an equivalent value in the hundredths place? 0.800 is equal to eight tenths and those numbers are both equal to 0.80. We take our tenths, 0.8, and we add zero behind it in the hundredths place, 0.80.

Following the pattern, our missing values are 0.8 and 0.80.

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