Question Video: Converting an Angle Expressed in Only Degrees to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds Using a Calculator Mathematics

Using a calculator, write 18.15° in degrees, minutes, and seconds.


Video Transcript

Using a calculator, write 18.15 degrees in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

We recall that one degree is equal to 60 minutes. Our notation for minutes is a single quotation mark. We also recall that one minute is equal to 60 seconds and that the symbol for seconds is a double quotation mark. In this question, we want to write 18.15 degrees in degrees, minutes, and seconds. We can see from this number that there are definitely 18 full degrees. The degree part of our answer will, therefore, be 18. We are, therefore, left with 0.15 degrees.

We need to ask ourselves how many minutes is this. As there are 60 minutes in a degree, to convert from degrees to minutes, we need to multiply the decimal part by 60. In this question, we need to multiply 0.15 by 60. This is equal to nine. Therefore, 0.15 degrees is equal to nine minutes. The minutes part of our answer will be nine. As there was no decimal part to our answer when we multiplied 0.15 by 60, there will be no seconds. This means that 18.15 degrees is equal to 18 degrees, nine minutes, and zero seconds.

It is important to note that we can convert from degrees to degrees, minutes, and seconds using one step on a scientific calculator. We can do this using the button that has the degree symbol, the minute symbol, and the second symbol. In this case, we will type 18.15 followed by the degrees, minutes, and seconds button. Pressing this button at any time converts our answer from a decimal to one in degrees, minutes, and seconds. We then press the equals button, giving us an answer of 18 degrees, nine minutes, and zero seconds.

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