Video: Understanding Place Value When Writing Numbers on the Number Line

Complete the number line.


Video Transcript

Complete the number line.

On this number line, we’re given two values. And we have two missing values. We can start this problem by finding the difference between 573100 and 574000. The distance between these two can be found by subtracting. We start with 574000. And we subtract 573100.

Starting all the way on the right, zero minus zero equals zero. Zero minus zero equals zero. We can’t take away one from zero in the hundreds place. So we borrow from our thousands. Instead of having four thousand, we’ll have three thousand and 10 hundreds. Then, we say 10 minus one equals nine. Three minus three equals zero. Seven minus seven equals zero. And five minus five equals zero. The difference between these two values equals 900. And that means, on our number line, the distance between these two values is 900 units.

The next thing we need to know is how this 900 is divided up. We do that by finding out how many lines there are between 573100 and 574000. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. The 900 units are divided evenly into nine spaces. 900 divided by nine equals 100. And that tells us that between each line is 100 units. Between 573100 and the next missing value, there are three lines, three hundreds. If we take 573100 and add 300, we’ll find the first missing value. 100 plus 300 equals 400. And the thousands place doesn’t change. This tells us that our first missing value is 573400.

We can follow that same process to find our second missing value. Our second missing value is three lines after 573400. So we take our 573400 and add 300. 400 plus 300 equals 700. And the thousands place, the 573, doesn’t change. Our second missing value is 573700.

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