Video: Adding Three-Digit Numbers to Two-Digit Numbers Using Place Value Blocks

Add 35 to 113. Hint: Use the place value blocks if you need to.


Video Transcript

Add 35 to 113. Hint: use the place value blocks if you need to.

Let’s start our calculation by adding the ones. 113 has three ones; 35 has five ones. So we need to add together three and five. And we can see in our place value chart there are three ones and five ones. Let’s count how many that makes altogether. We can start at three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Three plus five makes eight. Now, let’s move into the tens column. 113 has one 10; 35 has three 10s. One plus three makes four. Finally, we need to add the hundreds. 113 has 100; 35 has none. One plus nothing is one. 113 plus 35 equals 148. We used the place value blocks to help.

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