Video: Rounding a Decimal Number to the Nearest Thousandth

Round 0.48273 to the nearest thousandth.


Video Transcript

Round nought point four eight two seven three to the nearest thousandth. In order to do this question, let’s write the number out and consider the place value of each of the digits.

Each digit in this column is worth one. Each digit in this column is worth a tenth, so four in that column means four-tenths. Each digit in this column is worth a hundredth, so we’ve got eight there, so that represents eight-hundredths.

The next column represents thousandths, so we’ve got two thousandths. Then we’ve got ten thousandths, so that’s seven ten thousandths. And the last column there is the hundred thousandths column, so we’ve got three hundred thousandths.

Now we’ve got to round our number to the nearest thousandth. Now if we cover up everything after the thousandths column, then we’ve got nought point four eight two, and we’ve ignored everything after the thousandths column, but that’s not our answer; we need to do a quick sneaky peek at the next column. And in this case, that’s a seven.

Now if the number in the next column is five or above, then we’re gonna be adding one to the thousandths. And, in other words, we gonna be rounding up that two to a three. But if the number in that next column is four or below, then we leave the number in the thousandths column exactly as it was. And you can see in this case the number we’re looking at is seven, so that’s five or above, so we’re going to add one to this two. And two plus one is three. And then we can cover up all the next digits again. So, our answer is nought point four eight three.

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