Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 25

(1 3 /4) + (3/4) = _.


Video Transcript

One and three-quarters plus three-quarters equals what?

The question is asking us to add together one and three-quarters and three-quarters. One and three-quarters is seven-quarters. One whole is four-quarters. And three-quarters gives us another three-quarters. Four and three is seven. Now, we can add seven-quarters and three-quarters. How many quarters do we have altogether? Seven and three makes 10. Altogether, we have ten-quarters. Ten-quarters is an improper fraction.

If we move one-quarter into this square, we can see that ten-quarters makes two wholes and two-quarters. Two-quarters can also be simplified to a half. So one and three-quarters plus three-quarters is equal to two and a half.

Another way we could add one and three-quarters and three-quarters is to first add the fractions. Three-quarters and three-quarters is equal to six-quarters. Four-quarters is equal to one whole. And two-quarters is the same as a half. So six-quarters is equal to one and a half. So we’ve added the two three-quarters. Now, we just need to add the one. One and a half plus one equals two and a half.

One and three-quarters plus three-quarters equals two and a half.

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