Video: Writing a Decimal as a Percent

Express 0.537 as a percentage.


Video Transcript

Express 0.537 as a percentage.

We know that, in order to convert a percentage into a decimal, we need to divide by 100, as the word “percent” means out of 100. This means that, in order to convert from a decimal to a percentage, we need to multiply by 100, as multiplying is the inverse operation of dividing. In this question, we need to multiply 0.537 by 100. Multiplying by 10 moves all our digits one place to the left. So multiplying by 100 moves them two places to the left. 0.537 multiplied by 100 is 53.7. Our decimal expressed as a percentage is 53.7 percent.

This method can be used to convert any decimal into a percentage. We also recall that any decimal that has a zero in front of the decimal point will be less than 100 percent.

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