Question Video: Subtracting 10 from Numbers up to 20 Mathematics • 1st Grade

Find 16 − 10.


Video Transcript

Find 16 minus 10.

When we subtract by 10, a good way to help is to use a place value chart. So let’s write our number into the place value chart.

16 is six ones and one tens. And we have to subtract 10. So if we take away the 10, we’re just left with six ones. 16 minus 10 equals six.

Another way to find the answer or to check our answer is to use our place value blocks. So we have one tens and six ones. If we take away the 10 or one tens, we’re just left with six ones. This is the same answer we found by using the place value chart.

So the answer is six. 16 minus 10 is six.

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