Video: Comparing Two Three-Digit Numbers Using a Number Line

Is 235 greater than or smaller than 225?


Video Transcript

Is 235 greater or smaller than 225?

In this problem, we need to compare two three-digit numbers, 235 and 225. And we’re given a number line to help us. And we can see that both numbers have already been labelled on the number line. We can see 235, which is here, and 225 to the left of it, here.

Now with most number lines, as we work from left to right, the numbers get larger. And this number line is no different. We know this because if we can look at each of the labelled numbers on our number line, we can see that they increase by one ten each time. 215, 225, 235, and so on. We won’t keep counting because the only numbers we need to think about in the problem is 235 and 225.

As we’ve said already, 235 comes after 225 on the number line. This means that it must be a larger number. Let’s model our two numbers using the place value grid one more time. 225, and then to make 235, we need to add one more ten. Our number has become greater. 235 is greater than 225 because three tens are greater than two tens. And that’s the only difference between the two numbers.

And so is 235 greater or smaller than 225? We’ve used both a number line and a place value grid to show that it’s greater.

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