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Question Video: Converting Milligrams to Grams Mathematics

Fill in the blank: 746.8 mg = _ g.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank. 746.8 milligrams equals what grams.

In this question, we need to convert between two metric units, milligrams and grams. We can recall that in one gram, there are 1000 milligrams. So that means if we have a unit in milligrams and we want to convert it into grams, we must divide by 1000. If we take our value of 746.8 milligrams and consider how we would divide by 1000, it can be helpful to think how our digits would move in terms of the place-value columns.

When we divide by 1000, that’s the same as our digits moving three columns to the right. So the seven would move once, twice, three times. The digits of four, six, and eight will also move three places to the right. But we must remember to fill in our decimal point and a placeholder of zero. So we have the answer of 0.7468 or seven thousand four hundred and sixty-eight ten thousandths. And that’s the missing answer in grams. That’s equivalent to 746.8 milligrams.

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