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Question Video: Adding Multidigit Decimals Mathematics • 6th Grade

Solve the following: 736281.45 + 3.5.


Video Transcript

Solve the following: 736,281.45 plus 3.5.

So the first thing we can see in this calculation is that both of our numbers have a different number of decimal places, so values after the decimal point, because we can see that the first number has two decimal places or two values after the decimal point and the bottom one only has one. However, what has already been done in the question is that the calculation has been set up neatly because what we’ve got is a column addition and we’ve got our decimal points in line.

So now what we’ve done is set up the same calculation, but we’ve just added some zeros in here. And this isn’t necessary, but it’s just to show you that actually each of these place values does have a value of zero.

So starting on the right-hand side, what we have is five add zero, which is five. And what this does is it prevents us doing anything sort of strange where we try and add two values together that aren’t in the same place value. For example, if we thought, “Well! We’ve got to add 45 and five, which will give us 50, so is that gonna be five units?” This wouldn’t be the case. So by putting this extra zero in, we can see clearly that it’s five hundredths add zero hundredths, which gives us five hundredths in our final answer. Then, we have four add five, which is nine.

Our decimal point is in the same line. So it’s in the same line as the other two decimal points. Then, we have one add three, which is four. And then, all the other values remain unchanged, and that’s because we add zeros, so the eight add zero, two add zero, six add zero, et cetera. So therefore, we can say that 736,281.45 add 3.5 is 736,284.95.

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