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Question Video: Finding the Percent of a Part Compared to a Whole for Simple Fractions Mathematics • 6th Grade

Express 7/5 as a percentage.


Video Transcript

Express seven-fifths as a percentage.

A percent is a ratio or a fraction that compares a number to 100. Therefore, we wanna take seven-fifths and set it equal to 𝑥 out of 100, since we’re comparing it to 100. Our next step would be to find the cross product so that way we can solve for 𝑥.

Seven times 100 is equal to five times 𝑥. Now we multiply. 700 is equal to five 𝑥. Now to solve for 𝑥, we need to divide both sides by five. Therefore, 𝑥 is equal to 140. So if we plug 𝑥 in, 140 out of 100 is the same thing as 140 percent. It’s good to keep in mind that decimals greater than one are equivalent to percents greater than 100. And here we have that.

Therefore, seven-fifths can be expressed as 140 percent.

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