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Question Video: Solving Word Problems Involving Ratios Mathematics • 7th Grade

If 6 notebooks cost $12, use a ratio table to determine how many notebooks you can buy with $18.


Video Transcript

If six notebooks cost 12 dollars, use a ratio table to determine how many notebooks you can buy with 18 dollars.

There are lots of methods we could use to answer this question. However, we are told to use a ratio table. We are told in the question that six notebooks cost 12 dollars. We need to calculate how many notebooks can be bought for 18 dollars. One way of doing this would be to find the unit cost, the cost of one notebook. We can calculate this by dividing 12 dollars by six.

As one notebook cost two dollars, we can calculate the number of notebooks we can buy for 18 dollars by dividing 18 by two. This is equal to nine. Nine notebooks can be bought with 18 dollars as each notebook cost two dollars. An alternative method here would be to have found that three notebooks cost six dollars as six divided by two is three and 12 divided by two is six. 12 dollars plus six dollars is equal to 18 dollars. And six plus three is equal to nine. Therefore, once again, nine notebooks cost 18 dollars.

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