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Question Video: Counting Observations above a Certain Value in a Dot Plot Mathematics • 4th Grade

How many families have at least 4 children?


Video Transcript

How many families have at least four children?

We have to use the information we’re given to solve this problem, and what we’re given is the plot. We’ll need to look at the labels and the title of our plot graph to solve this problem.

Our line at the bottom represents the number of children in a family, so we range from zero to seven. We know that this is a dot plot and it’s representing families, which means each dot above a number represents one family. And we wanna know how many of these families have at least four children, which means four or more.

We can draw a line here just before the four. Every dot and every family represented from four to seven have at least four children.

And how many dots, how many families is that? I count five. Five families out of this survey on this graph have at least four children.

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