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Question Video: Finding the Sum of Two Matrices with Scalar Multiplication Mathematics • 10th Grade

Given that 𝐴 = −7, 5, −4, −2, 𝐵 = 1, 0, 7, −2, what is 1/3(𝐴 + 𝐵)?


Video Transcript

Given that 𝐴 equals negative seven, five, negative four, negative two and 𝐵 equals one, zero, seven, negative two, what is one-third times 𝐴 plus 𝐵?

Let’s first begin by adding the two matrices together, 𝐴 and 𝐵. So we need to add the numbers that are in the same spot. So negative seven and one we’ll add together, five plus zero, negative four plus seven, and negative two plus negative two, which equals negative six, five, three, negative four.

Now we will take each of those numbers and multiply it by one-third. Multiplying by one-third is the same as dividing by three. So our final answer is negative two, five-thirds, one, and negative four-thirds.

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