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Question Video: Identifying Equal Subtraction Sentences Mathematics • 1st Grade

Which expression is equal to 6 + 5? [A] 12 − 1 [B] 12 + 5 [C] 12 + 1 [D] 5 + 4 − 1 [E] 6 + 5 + 1.


Video Transcript

Which expression is equal to six plus five? 12 minus one, 12 plus five, 12 plus one, five plus four minus one, or six plus five plus one.

To help us calculate six plus five, we can use our knowledge of doubles to help us. So we can find double six. So we can make a model using six bricks and another six bricks. How many bricks are there altogether? We can start counting at six then seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12.

Six plus six equals 12. But we need to find six plus five. And since five is one less than six, we will need to take one brick away. Six plus five is 11. We had 12 bricks. We took one away and that left us with 11.

So the expression which is equal to six plus five is 12 take away one.

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