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Question Video: Converting and Comparing between Meters and Kilometers Mathematics

Which is greater, 2,358 meters or 3 kilometers?


Video Transcript

Which is greater, 2,358 meters or three kilometers?

In this question, we’re being asked to compare two measurements, 2,358 meters and three kilometers. We’re being asked to compare two different units of measurement, meters and kilometers. When we’re comparing two measurements, it helps if we compare them using the same unit of measurement. We could convert our amount in kilometers into meters. If one kilometer equals 1,000 meters, we just need to multiply our kilometers by 1,000.

Three multiplied by 1,000 is 3,000. 2,358 is less than 3,000. Comparing two measurements with the same units is much easier. So if 2,358 meters is less than three kilometers, then three kilometers is greater than 2,358 meters. Three kilometers is greater.

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