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Question Video: Dividing Two-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Using a Number Line Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find 56 ÷ 7 using the number line.


Video Transcript

Find 56 divided by seven using the given number line.

How can we divide a number by seven? In this question, we need to divide 56 by seven. But we’re also given something to help us because one way we can divide by seven is by using a number line. Where do you think our number line begins? Well, if we’re looking at it from left to right, we could say it begins at zero. But if we’re thinking about what’s happening on our number line, we can see that the action begins at the number 56. We can see that we start at the number 56 and then keep subtracting seven again and again, until eventually we arrive back at zero.

Why might we want to take away lots and lots of sevens from 56? Well, we can think of our question as asking us, how many sevens are there in 56? And we can count these sevens by starting at 56 and keeping subtracting seven. Let’s see how many jumps backwards of seven it takes us to get from 56 to zero. 56 take away seven equals 49. If we take away another lot of seven, we’ll have 42. 42 subtract seven equals 35. 35 subtract seven equals 28. If we take away another lot of seven, we’ll have 21 left. 21 take away seven equals 14. 14 subtract seven equals seven. And this leaves us with one more lot of seven we can take away before we get back to zero.

We’ve subtracted sevens eight times. And this took us from 56 to zero. So we can say that there are eight sevens in 56. We could even make eight jumps in the opposite direction from zero up to 56. So we could say zero and then seven, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56. We’ve used repeated subtraction on the number line to help us find the number of sevens that there are in 56. 56 divided by seven equals eight.

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