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Question Video: Converting from Yards to Kilometres Mathematics • 6th Grade

Determine, to the nearest tenth, the number of kilometres in 5285 yards.


Video Transcript

Determine, to the nearest tenth, the number of kilometres in 5285 yards.

In order to answer this question, we need to remember two of our conversions. Firstly, to convert from imperial to metric units, one yard is equal to 0.9144 metres. We also know that 1000 metres is equal to one kilometre.

In this question, we’ll firstly convert 5285 yards into metres and then convert it into kilometres. One multiplied by 5285 is equal to 5285. As we must do the same thing to both sides of our conversion, we need to multiply 0.9144 by 5285. Typing this into our calculator gives us an answer of 4832.604. This means that 5285 yards is equal to 4832.604 metres.

We now need to convert from metres to kilometres, and we already know that there are 1000 metres in one kilometre. This means that in order to convert from metres to kilometres, we divide by 1000. In this question, we need to divide 4832.604 by 1000. Dividing any number by 1000 moves all the digits three places to the right. In this case, the four moves from the thousands column to the units column. The eight goes from the hundreds to the tenths, the three from the tens to the hundredths, and so on. 4832.604 divided by 1000 is equal to 4.832604.

We were asked to give our answer to the nearest tenth. This is the same as rounding to one decimal place, as the tenths column is the first column after the decimal point. Our deciding number is the digit to the right of this. In this case, three. As this number is less than five, we will round down. 4.832604 to the nearest tenth is 4.8. We can therefore conclude that 5285 yards is 4.8 kilometres to the nearest tenth.

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