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Question Video: Evaluating Expressions Involving Integers Mathematics

Fill in the blanks: −7 − (9 − 3) = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blanks: Negative seven minus nine minus three is equal to blank.

In order to answer this question, we need to recall our order of operations. This is often referred to as either BIDMAS or PEMDAS. In BIDMAS, the B stands for brackets and the I indices, whereas, in PEMDAS, they’re known as parentheses and exponents. The other four letters stand for division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Note that the multiplication and division are the other way round as it doesn’t matter which order we perform these operations.

In our question, we will need to work out the calculation inside the brackets or parentheses first. As nine minus three is equal to six, our calculation becomes negative seven minus six. This involves starting at negative seven on a number line and moving down six places. This takes us to negative 13. So negative seven minus six is negative 13. This is the missing number in the expression or calculation.

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