Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 8

6² + 10 = _.


Video Transcript

Six squared plus 10 equals what?

There’re two parts to this question. The first part involves understanding what a small two means when it’s written next to a number. And in particular, what it means for a small two to be written next to the number six. And then, the second part is simply to add 10. The second part seems fairly straightforward. But we need to be careful when thinking about the value of the first part. It’s this part of the calculation when mistakes are likely to be made.

So before we think about what this value means, let’s think about what it doesn’t mean. A small two written next to the number six doesn’t represent the number 62. If we wanted to represent the number 62, then we’d write the digit two next to the digit six. And they’d both be the same size. Something else that that small two doesn’t represent is multiplied by two. So this doesn’t stand for six multiplied by two.

Instead and you’d have heard this if you do listen carefully when the question was read, it stands for six squared. The two refers to the number of times that the first number appears in a multiplication. We’ve got the number two. So we know it appears twice, six multiplied by itself. And so six squared plus 10 is the same as six multiplied by itself plus 10. Six sixes are 36. And so our calculation becomes 36 plus 10.

We can show square numbers visually by arranging cubes or counters into squares. Six rows, six in each row, is the same as six times six or six squared, which equals 36. So now that we know that six squared is 36, we just need to add 10. 36 add 10 equals 46.

And so how did we find the answer? We recognise that the question was all about understanding what a small two written next to a number means. We remembered that it represents a number multiplied by itself, in this case six multiplied by six. So we could change the calculation to six multiplied by six plus 10. Six sixes are 36. So we knew that six squared must be equal to 36. And then finally, we added 10 to find the answer.

Six squared plus 10 equals 46.

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