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Question Video: Reading Clocks: Time to the Quarter Hour Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Which clock shows the same time as this one? [A] 1:45 [B] 1:15 [C] 2:15


Video Transcript

Which clock shows the same time as this one?

We’re shown the time on an analog clock. And we have to find the digital clock which shows the same time. What is the time on this clock? The shortest hand, the hour hand, is just past the number one. So we know it’s something past 1 o’clock. The hour shown on both of these digital clocks is one, and the minute hand is pointing to number three. This means it’s quarter past one. How many minutes have passed when a quarter of a turn has been made around the clock? Five, 10, 15. It’s 15 minutes past one or quarter past one. So this is the digital clock, which shows the same time as the analog clock we were given. The time is 1:15.

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