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Question Video: Finding Pairs of Integers Given That Their Product Is a Negative Number Mathematics • 7th Grade

Find three different pairs of integers, where each pair has a product of −24.


Video Transcript

Find three different pairs of integers, where each pair has a product of negative 24.

The product of two numbers is the value we get when we multiply them together. In this question, we need integers; those are whole numbers. So, we’re simply going to begin by finding the factor pairs of 24. Remember, factors of a number are numbers that divide in without leaving a remainder. We know that 24 divided by one is 24. So, one and 24 is a factor pair of 24. Similarly, two times 12 is 24. So, two and 12 is a factor pair. Three and eight is another factor pair, as is four and six.

But we’re trying to find a pair of integers whose product is negative 24. And so, we recall that a negative integer times a positive integer, or, of course, the other way round, gives a negative result. So, to get negative 24, we could use negative one and 24 or one and negative 24. We could use negative two and 12 or two and negative 12. We could use negative three and eight or three and negative eight, or, finally, negative four and six or four and negative six. Any of these pairs will work. We have a total of eight different pairs we could use. We’re going to use three and negative eight, two and negative 12, and six and negative four.

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