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Question Video: Converting from Feet to Inches Mathematics • 6th Grade

Fill in the blank: 970 ft = _ in.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: 970 feet equals blank inches.

Here is what we know. We know that one foot equals 12 inches. And we have 970 feet. This means we have 970 times more than one. To get from one foot to 970 feet, we need to multiply one times 970. That means that if we wanna know how many inches are in 970 feet, we need to multiply 970 by 12. 970 times 12, two times zero is zero, two times seven is 14. Put the four on the bottom, carry your one. Two times nine is 18, plus one, 19.

Now we go to our one and say one times zero is zero. One times seven, seven. One times nine is nine. Add those together, bring down the zero. Four plus zero is four. Nine plus seven is 16. Bring down my six, carry my one. Now I have one plus nine plus one which is 11. 970 times 12 equals 11640.

This means that 970 feet will be equal to 11640 inches.

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