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37 + 5 = _.


Video Transcript

37 plus five equals what?

In this problem, we need to add two numbers together: 37 and five. We can imagine a number line in our heads and find the answer by counting on. Our number line needs to start with the number 37 because that′s the first number in our addition. We can start at 37 and then count on five: one, two, three, four, five. We started at 37 and then we counted on five. We ended on the number 42. We can get to 42 more quickly than taking five separate jumps of one.

The number 40 is a round number that′s very easy to count up to and very easy to count from. How do we get from 37 to 40? Well, we know a pair that makes 10 is seven and three. So if we add three to 37, we make the next ten which is 40. 37 plus three equals 40. But we don′t just want to add three. We need to add five. Three plus two makes five. We′ve already made a jump of three. Now, we need to count on two. Because we’re counting on from 40, we can find two more than 40 quickly. 40 plus two takes us to 42. This time, we added five in two jumps, we added three, and then we added two because three and two are the same as adding five.

We can represent the same calculation using 10 frames. These three tens frames are all full. They represent three tens or 30. This ten frame has a row of five and then only two counters underneath. This represents seven ones. 30 and seven make 37, which is our starting number. Now, we need to add five. Remember we can partition the number five into three and two.

If we add three to start with, we can see we′ve made one more full ten frame. We have one more ten. So we have four tens altogether. We′ve added three. Now, we need to add the remaining two: one, two. This ten frame only shows two counters. So we have four tens and two ones. And four tens and two ones equals 42.

37 add five equals 42.

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