Video: Arranging Multi-Digit Numbers in Ascending Order

Arrange the numbers on the cards in ascending order.


Video Transcript

Arrange the numbers on the cards in ascending order.

The first thing I wanna do is take each of these cards and write them on top of one another — stack them vertically. So I’ve copied down two seven eight four seven nine; nine two three two two zero; three one nine three six seven; five five eight three eight one. We have to write them in ascending order, from the least to the greatest. All four of these numbers have their largest digit in the 100000s’ place here.

To compare them then, we’ll look for the smallest 100000s and then move to the largest 100000s. The number on the top two seven eight four seven nine, 278479, would be the smallest of the numbers.

Now, we need to check for the next largest 100000s. The three would come next in descending order, 319367. We can copy that one down. Next 558381, had that one next in our ascending order, that would leave 923220 as our greatest value of the given numbers. In ascending order, 278479, 319367, 558381, 923220.

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