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Question Video: Finding the Sine Function of an Angle Given the Cosine and Tangent Functions Mathematics • 10th Grade

Find sin 𝐡 given tan 𝐡 = 4/3 and cos 𝐡 = 3/5.


Video Transcript

Find sin of 𝐡 given tan of 𝐡 is equal to four-thirds and cos of 𝐡 is equal to three-fifths.

In this question, we are told that both the tangent and cosine of our angle are positive. From our CAST diagram, this means that the angle lies in the first quadrant, as this is the only quadrant where the tangent and cosine of an angle are both positive. This means that 𝐡 is greater than zero degrees and less than 90 degrees. We know that the sine of any angle in the first quadrant must also be positive. sin of angle 𝐡 must be greater than zero.

As cos of 𝐡 equals three-fifths and tan of 𝐡 equals four-thirds, we can sketch a right triangle in the first quadrant as shown. This triangle is a Pythagorean triple consisting of three positive integers, three, four, and five, such that three squared plus four squared is equal to five squared. We know that in a right triangle, the sin of any angle πœƒ is equal to the opposite over the hypotenuse. The sin of angle 𝐡 is therefore equal to four-fifths. If tan of 𝐡 is equal to four-thirds and cos of 𝐡 is equal to three-fifths, then sin of 𝐡 is equal to four-fifths.

An alternative method here would be to recall one of our trigonometric identities. tan of πœƒ is equal to sin of πœƒ over cos of πœƒ. Multiplying both sides by cos of πœƒ, we have cos of πœƒ times tan of πœƒ is equal to sin of πœƒ. Replacing the angle πœƒ with our angle 𝐡, we can now substitute in the values for tan of 𝐡 and cos of 𝐡. This gives us sin of 𝐡 is equal to three-fifths multiplied by four-thirds. Dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor of three, we are left with one-fifth multiplied by four over one. This confirms our answer that sin of 𝐡 is equal to four-fifths.

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